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1. Application

Looking to join our team? Go ahead and send us your application. It's very easy to apply. Simply click on “I apply for this job” when you find a job on our website that interests you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our job vacancies

2. Preselection over the phone

We will first set up a phone interview in order to confirm that we both want to move forward with the hiring process.

During the 15-20 minute interview, we will talk again about the job requirements and discuss your own goals and expectations. Then we can decide together how to move forward with your application.

3. Interview with human resources

If the phone interview has been successful, a member of the HR team will invite you to our headquarters for an open discussion about your career path. We will take the time to better understand your motivations, your values and your expectations to see how they correspond to the job offered.

The interview will help us to immediately assess whether your profile matches a vacancy in the company, and also to discuss your longer-term development with us.

4. Interview with operations staff

After the interviews with HR, members of our operational team will invite you for a more technical discussion. You will meet with the operations manager, the head of your host unit and your line manager.

These interviews will be held at your future workplace. They will give you the opportunity to learn about your new workplace environment and meet the people you will be working with every day. They will also give you more specific information about what the position entails and check out your technical skills.

5. Recruitment/hiring decision

After all these interviews, the HR and operational teams will meet to assess your application as a whole, including aspects such as your potential fit with the team and technical skills. Whatever the outcome, we will call you back to inform you of our decision.

  • If your application has not been successful, we will tell you why.
  • If you are selected, we will make you a job offer.

Once you make your decision, let us know as soon as possible that you wish to join us. Moving to a new job and a new company is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. You will have a few days to think about it before making your final decision. During this period, we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.


6. Bringing you into the company

Have you decided to join us? Welcome to Arkema! Welcoming new employees and helping them to get started is very important to us. After a few weeks of on-the-job training, you will be invited to an orientation seminar with all our other new recruits. There, you will find out about Arkema’s DNA, our strategy and much more. It’s also a great opportunity to meet the other new faces in the company.