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Encouraging employee mobility

Support is essential for successful mobility: it can be professional (changing role or occupation) or geographical (moving to a new location, region, or country). In both cases, our career managers are there to provide employees with the support they need. 

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Many opportunities

Mobility between business units, subsidiaries, and new entities, international assignments, project start-ups, the opening of new plants: opportunities for advancement are there for all the Group's talented employees.

Growing our talent

Depending on the opportunities available in the Group, potential moves to new positions are reviewed over the course of each employee’s career path, on the basis of their goals and skills.

Making the most of our areas of expertise is no exception since it is one of the cornerstones of our HR policy. That is why we have developed specific talent management initiatives for the Group’s experts.

Encouraging employees to grow means sharing career development goals with them based not only on their professional interests but also on the areas in which they can approve, and building action plans accordingly.

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