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Arkema is deeply concerned for well-being in the workplace, attentive to diversity and strongly committed to the Sustainable Development Goals, and strives to meet the expectations of our employees and new talent concerning the quality of working conditions and the quest for meaningful work.

How do you keep listening to your employees?

Our aim is to provide our teams with a working environment that’s as pleasant and caring as possible. To do that, we have to be consistent in the way we manage the company and apply our values. Our annual Arkema Cares survey of the entire workforce offers a way to assess employee support for our internal policies and our growth strategy, and hear how employees feel about their work environment and their work-life balance.

With 77% of our employees saying they’re “fully committed”, the survey offers proof that the Group’s men and women are strongly motivated to support its growth. It also shows their loyalty to the company: that satisfaction rate indicates that the majority of employees are willing to recommend Arkema to their friends and family members. That recognition is not something we take for granted; it inspires us to continue improving the organization from top to bottom.

Does that include better Quality of Life in the Workplace?

Absolutely. The well-being of our employees is essential for ensuring a collective work environment that’s conducive to our growth. Improving workplace quality of life is a comprehensive task that we want to address collaboratively, by enlisting employees in local and regional initiatives of every kind, whether they involve upgrades to our facilities, ergonomics, working conditions, the needs of people with disability or psychological support, and by tackling issues such as bullying.

"Helping employees feel better about their jobs is essential to keeping those employees and also attracting new ones."


In June 2022 we stepped up these efforts by establishing a global Well-Being at Work programme, overseen by a special international steering committee backed by a network of volunteer Quality of Life Ambassadors in each country. Helping employees feel better about their jobs is essential to keeping those employees and also attracting new ones. It’s a key selling point in this global battle to recruit skilled and talented workers.

So we’re delighted to have been certified a Top Employer again in early 2024, for the third year in a row. That distinction recognizes the excellence of our HR practices in ten countries (Brazil, China, the Philippines, the US, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom) that are home to more than two thirds of our employees worldwide.

We’ve noticed that younger workers have high standards when it comes to meaningful work, collegiality, inclusivity, interaction, training, work-life balance, flexible working hours... It’s up to us to respond.

Even though we have low turnover, we need to stay very attentive to our employees’ expectations. They will stay with the company if we can off er them a good salary and career opportunities, but also arrangements that promote their well-being and quality of life.


By showing that we are open-minded, and identifying smart solutions that are consistently more attentive to work-life balance and personal challenges. The broader adoption of remote work wherever possible, for example, offers added flexibility while also letting us collaborate more smoothly anywhere on the planet.

We have a hundred nationalities represented in the Group’s workforce! That’s an extraordinary asset for us to mine, and it’s why inclusion is one of our values. We are very proactive in that area, both internally and in our sponsorship. As a large employer, we want to assist those who don’t enjoy easy access to education and culture, not to mention employment. In particular, we want to show young women that they truly have a role to play in our company and our industry.

Is that enough to attract and retain applicants in a very tight job market?

Each year, we hire about 2,000 people worldwide. In a tight market, we mobilize all our resources to attract young talent, notably by forging close ties with major engineering and business schools.

"Our employees are our best ambassadors for attracting candidates."

rkema is a highly attractive company thanks to our reputation as a technological leader. Our expertise in specialty chemicals and advanced materials is a genuinely motivating factor. Especially with younger generations, it’s important to explain that as a leader we provide solutions that will help hundreds of industries. We have a responsibility to help other industries in their efforts to tackle environmental challenges.

Each year we invest nearly €700 million in our production infrastructure and about €300 million in R&D, the bulk of which goes to sustainable development. Ninety per cent of our patents are connected with sustainability! We want to educate and inform our employees more consistently about everything we’re currently doing for sustainable development. We have countless positive examples to give, and our employees are our best ambassadors for attracting candidates from every background, whether they’re new to the workforce or have years of experience.

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