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Many professions and levels of qualification

At Arkema, we encourage work-study training across all the company's professions and at all levels of qualification (advanced technician certificate, university technology degree, vocational school diploma, engineering degree, etc.). We have forged very close ties with a number of partner training centers to accommodate your career plan.

At Arkema, all work-study apprentices:

  • are given a clearly-defined and detailed assignment;
  • are mentored by an experienced tutor;
  • have a work schedule that fits in with their training timetable.

433 work-study contracts

signed in 2021 at Arkema.

“Our Group has many talented engineers and chemists, but we also need finance, business and marketing specialists. It’s important to show young graduates that all types of people have a role to play at Arkema.”

Jérémy, Head of Strategic Analysis for Thiochemicals business and ambassador for our trainees

“I alternate between studying at university and working at the company. It’s the perfect way into the workplace. I can get in at the deep end, really explore the subject matter and meet the people involved in chemicals today. I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch with dozens of Arkema employees all over the world. It’s incredibly rewarding.

For me, a successful transfer mostly means feeling useful and seeing that you’re not just there to do the work that no one else wants to do. At Arkema, I was offered real assignments with real goals. They let me get on with it by myself. They also gave me room to approach other people, and that’s important in tapping your potential.

Here, they expect junior members of staff to come up with ideas. Even if an idea is not taken up, it encourages you to step forward. Arkema is keen to listen to younger generations to find out what they think about methods and management. This is also how you can stand out yourself, provide added value and seize the opportunity to go further with the company.”

Romane, Communication project manager trainee

Why choosing Arkema?

Joining Arkema therefore means joining a global, innovative and responsible group.


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