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Declared a public utility organization, Fondation CGénial was set up in 2006 by businesses and the French Ministry for Research to raise the profile of science and technology with young people, and promote jobs and professions in this sector. Its aim is also to strengthen links between the world of business and industry and the world of education.

Arkema has partnered Fondation CGénial since 2006. Accordingly, every year high school teachers visit our facilities. Conversely, Arkema engineers and technicians who have volunteered their services go back to school!

This initiative allows students, in liaison with their teachers, to have direct and lively exchanges with engineers and technicians on concrete subjects. In the course of a 90 minute or so meeting, they can glean information on their educational and professional paths, ask them what their jobs entail on a daily basis, find out about materials and their applications, etc. An unusual and exciting experience that helps foster our exchanges with academia and develop the appeal of scientific and technical jobs to young people. These exchanges can also cultivate a vocation for these professions among students.


This is the number of high school students who have already benefited from the “Engineers and technicians in the classroom” scheme.

The CGénial competition

Every year, students can participate to a national competition where they submit a project in science and technology.



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