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The Saint-Auban plant is a major producer of chlorinated trichloroethane (T111) solvent in Europe. This solvent is used to manufacture fluorinated gases, hydrofluorocarbons, and fluorinated polymers. The production unit also has a chlorinated waste recovery workshop (the VRC).

Located in the Durance valley, in the heart of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence department, the Saint-Auban production unit was built in 1916 to meet national defense chlorine needs. Founded by the chemical company Compagnie des Produits Chimiques d’Alais et de la Camargue, the plant was part of the companies Péchiney, Péchiney Saint-Gobain, Rhône Poulenc, Elf Atochem, and Atofina.

In October 2004, the Saint-Auban plant joined the Arkema Group. In addition to its 230 employees, there are 120 employees working for contractor companies in fields ranging from transportation to maintenance. Today, it is a major source of employment in the region.

Activities of the Saint-Auban Plant

The core business of the Saint-Auban plant is the production of trichloroethane (T111), obtained from chlorine supplied by a form of electrolysis using a membrane process. The T111 is then sent to the Pierre-Bénite site and used in the manufacture of fluorinated gases, hydrofluorocarbons which Arkema markets under the Forane® brand (refrigerants, expansion agents), and fluoropolymers sold under the Kynar® brand.
The VRC chlorinated waste recovery workshop at the Arkema plant in Saint-Auban processes chlorinated waste through burning. With a capacity of 25,000 metric tons per year, this workshop provides for the recycling and recovery of chlorinated liquid and gaseous residues in the form of hydrochloric acid. This product, used in the synthesis of T111, is also sold as a chemical intermediate for pharmaceuticals or fine chemicals.

The plant has a physicochemical station that removes suspended matter, and a heavy metal treatment station.
The site places a great emphasis on the safety of people and facilities. Its safety approach is formally established through the implementation of a safety management reference system called AIMS (Arkema Integrated Management System).

Community Involvement

As part of Common Ground® program, the Saint-Auban site conducts numerous actions with its surrounding environment:

  • Donation of equipment (computers)
  • Meetings with mayors of neighboring municipalities
  • Participation in the career and training forum of Camille Reymond middle school in Château-Arnoux
  • Local sporting events: mountain biking, running


Saint-Auban in Key Figures (2021)

Number of employees



ISO 14001: Environmental management

ISO 9001: Quality management

ISO 50001: Energy management

ISO 45001 : Health and securoty management

ISCC+ (International Sustainability et Carbon Certification): Authorization to produce biosourced T111 from biosources CVM


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