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Arkema worldwide

In its Châteauroux plant, Arkema produces surfactants based mainly on fatty alcohols, fatty amines, fatty acids, castor oil, and ethylene oxide.

Built in 1963 in the department of Indre, the Arkema Châteauroux production unit covers almost 3 hectares, and has a catalog of approximately one hundred products.

Châteauroux plant activities

Each year, between 4,000 and 4,500 metric tons of product leave the Arkema Châteauroux plant, the majority destined for export. Its fifteen or so employees specialize in the manufacture of nonionic, anionic and cationic surfactants. Using processes such as oxyethylation, phosphating, benzyl chloride casping and sulfation, the Châteauroux plant offers a wide range of specialty surfactants. This range is produced in seven Grignard-type reactors using a batch process (batch production)

In order to further consolidate its activities, the site has installed a new steam boiler, which is in perfect harmony with the Group’s rational use of energy policy.

The site is classified as a Seveso 3 low threshold and has ISO 9001 version 2015 certification.

Community Involvement

The Châteauroux unit is involved in local life through various actions, such as its partnership with France Chimie, as part of the Common Ground® program. The site also opens its doors to the Department of Education and regularly welcomes students, teachers and others as part of the Chemistry Olympiads.