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Historically a specialist in the manufacture of chlorine and its derivatives, today, Arkema’s Jarrie plant is the Group's largest hydrogen peroxide production unit. Its products are mainly used for bleaching and disinfection.

In 1916, industrialist Charles Lefebvre decided to set up a plant 15 kilometers from Grenoble, at the crossroads of Northern and Southern Europe, dedicated to the production of chlorine and chloride of lime to meet National Defense requirements.

Since then, the Jarrie plant has been continually modified to meet the needs of its customers' markets and to modernize its facilities.

Currently owned by Arkema, the Jarrie plant helps maintain the economic vitality of the region with a workforce of 340 employees.

The Jarrie Plant’s Activity

The Jarrie site specializes in the manufacture of chemical intermediates used in the paper industry or detergency. Thus, the men and women who work there produce hydrogen peroxide, bleach, sodium chlorate and sodium perchlorate, chlorine, lye, etc. Other chlorine derivatives are manufactured at the Jarrie plant and are used to make silicones, dielectric products and heat-transfer fluids. Each year, the Jarrie production plant exports 500,000 metric tons of finished products.

These materials have many applications in everyday life, from DIY to technology, leisure and health, as well as hygiene, gardening or cooking.

Emphasis on modernization

In 2014, Arkema's Jarrie plant inaugurated its new electrolysis unit. The industrial site switched from mercury electrolysis technology to membrane electrolysis, which is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The new membrane electrolysis unit reduces exposure to risks for local residents.

It forms part of the Technological Risk Prevention Plan (PPRT [Plan de prévention des risques technologiques]). The Group is continuing its commitment to combating the risks of mercury pollution, thus anticipating by several years the European ban on the mercury electrolysis process, which came into effect in 2019.

Community Involvement

Arkema Jarrie encourages dialogue with local residents, local elected officials and schools to raise awareness of its lines of business, everyday applications of its products, and its safety, health and environmental protection policy.

On the Agenda:

  • Participation in European Heritage Days
  • Mobilization activities to help disabled workers
  • Support for educational projects in the region's school systems
  • Participation in the Mondial des métiers (Lyon) [World Jobs Fair in Lyon]
  • Visit by high school students from Argouges