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Historically a specialist in the manufacture of chlorine and its derivatives, today, Arkema’s Jarrie plant is the Group's largest hydrogen peroxide production unit. Its products are mainly used for bleaching and disinfection.

Arkema's Jarrie plant is located in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, in the Isère department, 15 km from Grenoble.

In 1916, the industrialist Charles Lefèvre decided to create a factory dedicated to the production of chlorine and chloride of lime to meet the needs of the National Defense.

Since then, the plant has continued to transform itself to meet the needs of its customers' markets and to modernize its facilities.

Specializing in the manufacture of chlorine and its derivatives, Arkema's Jarrie plant is Europe's leading producer of hydrogen peroxide. This success is largely due to the trust our customers place in us through the quality control of our products. Quality is a key element in the plant, which has been ISO 9002 and ISO 9001 certified since 1989.

The Jarrie Plant’s Activity

It employs nearly 340 people and manufactures products that have many applications in everyday life, from DIY to technology, from leisure to health, including hygiene and disinfection.
It produces :

  • chlorine used in the treatment of drinking water and swimming pools, in cooling circuits and in the treatment of urban effluents,
  • soda (sodium hydroxide) used in water treatment and pulp bleaching,
  • methyl chloride used in the manufacture of silicone,
  • technical heat transfer fluids -40 to 350°C and dielectric fluids used in high voltage transformers
  • sodium chlorate used for bleaching of high quality chemical pulp,
  • sodium perchlorate used in the manufacture of fuel for the Ariane rocket
  • hydrogen peroxide, for the detergent, disinfection, electronics, environment, food industry, etc. sectors.

Every year, Arkema's Jarrie plant produces nearly 350,000 metric tons of finished products, 40% of which are shipped by rail.

Arkema Jarrie - Economic platform

ARKEMA's Jarrie site was grouped into an "Economic Platform" in 2015. This transformation has enabled:
  • the implementation of a joint Health, Safety, Environment and Intervention charter
  • trade facilitation
  • the pooling of intervention and guarding services
  • access to the occupational health service for the different actors that make it up.
It covers nearly 90 hectares. It is home to FRAMATOME, Air Liquide, Engie Cofely and RSA.
It employs nearly 700 people and calls on nearly 200 people from outside companies.

Our vision of human resources

Arkema's Jarrie plant relies on teams with a high level of technical expertise, professionalism and performance. 

In addition to our 340 employees, we also take on about 20 young people every year under work-study programs from various professional backgrounds. 

The Jarrie plant has never stopped transforming itself to meet the needs of its customers' markets and to modernize its facilities. But we also see our HR policy as a strategic lever. 

As part of this continuous improvement process, some of our HR processes have been updated, particularly in the areas of recruitment, mobility, integration of new arrivals, and training, in order to improve their relevance and learning methods.

Our objective is to pursue a policy that values employees by offering them dynamic career management and a quality training program.

SRM: Simulation-based recruitment method.

In 2022, for the third year in a row, we have opted for the SRM method, the Simulation Recruitment Method, or how to recruit without a résumé, based solely on the skills and abilities needed to occupy a job.

Following a series of tests, successful candidates will be interviewed. At the end of the course, the objective is to recruit four candidates for the job of manufacturing operator (one per sector) and a PLS operator.

The diversity of profiles in Jarrie

340 employees on permanent contracts, of which:
  • 80% men, 20% women
  • 25% blue-collar workers/employees, 63% technicians and supervisors, 12% engineers/managers
  • 4% of work-study students

Safety in Jarrie is a priority

The main safety management system is applied during the development of new manufacturing processes, during the design and construction of manufacturing units, and during their operation.

In addition to its internal rules, the Jarrie plant complies with the European Seveso 3 directive on the control of major accident hazards.

The plant has a crisis management unit staffed by an on-call team, a team of professional firefighters available 24 hours a day, a medical team, and people certified as "first aiders at work".

Arkema's Jarrie facility has obtained ISO 45001 certification, demonstrating its commitment to controlling occupational health and safety risks.

Arkema Jarrie, a player in power grid regulation

Arkema's Jarrie site is one of the largest consumers of electricity in France. It has been identified as a hyper-electro-intensive industrial site, and has volunteered to stop its production in the event of a peak in electricity consumption that threatens the balance of the French grid. This function is called "interruptibility" or "load shedding".

What is the principle?

RTE, the electricity network operator, must ensure a balance between electricity supply and demand at all times. To achieve this, it can call on power reserves in very short periods of time, less than 30 seconds, and has an adjustment variable made up of consumers who can very quickly modify their operation to balance the electricity network.

RTE can recover part of the power consumed by the Arkema plant in Jarrie at any time by remotely commanding the power supply to be stopped. The interruption takes place in less than five seconds and lasts from 30 minutes to four hours.

Hydrogen peroxide, an environmentally friendly chemical!

Hydrogen peroxide or "hydrogenated water", formula H2O2, is a "green" chemical product. Once its detergent or bleaching activity has been carried out, it is transformed into non-polluting water (H2O) and oxygen (O2).

With a capacity of 115,000 tons per year, the Jarrie site is the Group's largest hydrogen peroxide production site.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in different sectors:
  • electronics, in the manufacture of silicon-based chips requiring high purity
  • cosmetics, as a treatment to slow down the aging of the skin
  • pharmaceutical, for disinfection purposes
  • food industry, for the disinfection of packaging before filling, for example
  • paper industry for pulp bleaching
  • textile industry for the bleaching of fabrics
  • Etc.

Close relationships: Common ground®

As part of the Common Ground® program, Arkema Jarrie promotes dialogue with local residents, elected officials and schoolchildren to learn about our businesses, the applications of our products in everyday life and our safety, health and environmental protection policies.

  • Partner of the Museum of Chemistry in Jarrie to promote scientific and technical culture in Isère.
  • Hosting of students for visits
  • Interventions in schools, presentations of the chemistry professions
  • Participation in the "Teachers in companies" and "Technicians & Engineers in schools" programs, with the Cgénial foundation
  • Regular exercises with the SDIS fire department of Isère
  • Meeting with our stakeholders: town halls of the neighboring communes, police stations, firemen of the SDIS of Isère, residents, etc.
  • Since 2019, Arkema Jarrie has been a partner of the Grenoble Foot 38 club's women's soccer team to support the development of women's soccer and the place of women in sports and business.
  • Arkema pursues a proactive policy of hiring people with disabilities, including hiring interns with disabilities and participating in job fairs for people with disabilities (Talent H+).


  • Since 2019, Arkema Jarrie has been a partner of the AC-Seyssinet electric wheelchair soccer club.
  • Partner of many local sports events in favor of the Grenoble University Hospital, handicap association, etc.
  • Actions to help families in partnership with associations such as the "secours populaire".

Arkema Jarrie: a strong commitment to disability

Arkema has a proactive policy of integrating people with disabilities, with strong commitments in terms of recruitment, job retention, access to training and professional development. Specific measures have been introduced to support employees with disabilities and their caregivers.
At Arkema Jarrie, a network of 15 disability advisors involved in this initiative continues to grow.
The main missions of the disability referents are :
  • To facilitate the integration of employees with disabilities
  • To answer questions from employees concerned by a disability situation and to direct them, if necessary, to other players in the establishment (to act as a relay)
  • Facilitate the understanding of disability within the teams
  • Participate in awareness-raising activities in their establishment
Numerous awareness-raising days on disability issues are organized for staff:
  • Awareness of DYS disorders in collaboration with the French Federation of DYS disorders
  • Awareness of the Recognition of the Quality of Disabled Worker
  • Hearing Awareness
  • Introduction to sign language, etc.

Arkema Jarrie partner of the AC-Seyssinet Electric Wheelchair Football team

The Arkema Jarrie site is backing up its approach to disability by partnering with the AC-Seyssinet Electric Wheelchair Foot Club since 2019.

"A big thank you to Arkema for its support and its presence by our side for 4 years now. After a complicated period to share our passion, we can finally realize our projects and live all the beautiful emotions of handisport.
It's always a real pleasure to talk with Arkema employees who come to discover or even try wheelchair soccer."

Virginie COLAS - Captain of the AC-Seyssinet wheelchair soccer team

Arkema Jarrie Partner of the GF38 women's soccer team

In 2022, Arkema has renewed its support for the women's D1 soccer league for three years and is working with the French Football Federation to develop women's soccer in France.

This is a great opportunity to further promote the role of women in sports and society in general, and for Arkema to raise its profile among the general public.

The Jarrie plant wanted to contribute to the development of women's soccer by taking local action through a partnership with the Grenoble Football 38 women's team.

Key figures for the Jarrie Plant (2022)

Number of employees


(* made during the year)

€15 million in maintenance and development
€9 million in safety

Industrial safety

Continuation of the 5S approach (optimazing of working conditions)


ISO 9001: Quality Management
ISO 14001: Environmental Management
ISO 45001: Health and Safety Management
ISO 50001: Energy Management