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A center of excellence dedicated to innovation, the Bostik Smart Technology Center is located in Venette, France, near Compiègne in the Oise department.

Baptized the Bostik Smart Technology Center, the Bostik R&D center hosts 125 researchers working on new generations of adhesives, elastic bonding, and hot-melt adhesives.

It benefits from a dynamic of innovation favored by the joint presence of companies, the Agro-Resource Industries competitiveness division, universities, “grandes écoles,” and communities in the Compiègne region.

Three Areas of Activity

The Bostik Smart Technology Center is a focused technology group including three areas of activity:

  • Upstream research, in order to improve knowledge of materials and develop new polymer technologies intended to formulate smart adhesives, particularly in the field of polyurethanes, polyesters, and silylated polymers.
  • Downstream research, which develops innovative adhesives, based particularly on two of Bostik’s flagship technologies: hot-melt self-adhesives and elastic adhesives made with reactive elastomers.
  • Pilot application tools, intended for full-scale simulation of the implementation of Bostik assembly solutions.

This research work is used to develop innovations in Bostik’s various markets: industry, construction, and the general public.

This global R&D center is the third pillar of our deployment in research and development, along with those of Milwaukee in the United States and Shanghai in China, and strengthens the company’s international R&D focused on innovation and development of our Smart Adhesives."

A Modern Center Dedicated to Information Exchange and Talents

Built using sustainable construction, the R&D center incorporates a high environmental quality (“HQE”) design approach in accordance with the French “Règlementation Thermique 2012” (RT 2012) thermal regulations. The RT 2012 has high insulation and energy system standards to limit the primary energy consumption of new buildings.

The Bostik Smart Technology Center is also designed to encourage exchanges of information and open-mindedness, with open and shared spaces for laboratories and offices.

The goal is to make full use of the diversity and complementarity of skills, in a spirit of openness between site researchers as well as with external partners: Bostik’s teams around the world, customers, suppliers, industrial partners, and academic teaching and research laboratories.

The Smart House by Arkema

Inaugurated in October 2015, the Smart House by Arkema is built on the site of the Bostik Smart Technology Center. It consists of two complementary buildings dedicated to sustainable construction.

First, a futuristic house covering 160 m², built with ultra-sophisticated solutions and technologies. A true, life-sized ecosystem, it allows for experimentation of daily life scenarios.

Opposite, the showroom makes it possible to observe activity in the house, develop the spirit of innovation and offer a showcase of the know-how of Arkema and Bostik. The innovative materials are thus accessible and understandable for visitors, customers, and partners alike.