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Nestled in the heart of the Midi-Pyrénées region, the Arkema plant in Lannemezan specializes in the production of hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives from hydrogen peroxide.

Located between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, halfway between Toulouse and Pau, the Lannemezan production unit was set up in 1917 by the Poudrerie Nationale de Toulouse [National Powder Factory of Toulouse]. First dedicated to the production of lime, calcium carbide, nitrogen and calcium cyanamide, in 1962, the Lannemezan plant turned to the production of hydrazine hydrate, which has since become its core business. Now part of Arkema, the Lannemezan plant is an important source of employment.

Lannemezan plant activity

With 168 employees with varied skills, the Lannemezan factory contributes to region’s industrial dynamism.

The chemical compounds produced at the Arkema site in Lannemezan are used in sectors as varied as agrochemistry (production of phytosanitary products), pharmacy (production of anti-cancer drugs, antidepressants, anti-tuberculosis drugs, etc.), metal processing, water treatment, etc.

At the forefront of safety, the Arkema factory in Lannemezan is ISO 45001 certified. It has an integrated management reference system (Arkema integrated management system) to constantly improve working conditions and ensure the safety of its employees and residents.

Classified as a Seveso 3 high threshold, the factory complies with the European directive concerning the control of hazards related to major accidents.

Arkema’s priority, environmental protection is a real commitment at Lannemezan, which was the first French chemical plant to be certified as ISO 14001 in 1997. The site constantly monitors its discharges, ensures good water quality, the proper functioning of treatment facilities, and manages its waste in a reasoned manner.

It is a commitment that translates concretely into spending on health, safety and environment of between €1 and 2 million each year.

The Lannemezan unit in key figures (2023)

Number of employees



ISO 9001: Quality management
ISO 14001: Environmental management
ISO 45001: Health and safety management
ISO 50001: Energy management

Community Involvement

As part of Common Ground®, the Lannemezan factory carries out numerous awareness-raising actions among residents, elected officials and school groups.

In the program:

  • Participation in the Professors in Business and Technicians & Engineers in Schools programs with the CGénial Foundation
  • Support to local associations
  • Participation in the Féminine de Pau women’s race
  • Participation in local job forums