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Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet plant produces aminoundecanoic acid, the raw material for Rilsan® 11, a technical plastic of 100% plant origin. The manufacturing process developed at the Arkema plant in Marseille is unique in the world. Created in 1955, the Marseille Saint-Menet plant enjoys an ideal location in the heart of the Huveaune industrial valley. It represents an important employment pool, contributing to the vitality of the economic fabric of the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region.

Activities of the Marseille Saint-Menet Plant

The 317 employees of Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet plant produce aminoundecanoic acid and co-products of its manufacture, such as glycerol.

Made from castor oil (a renewable raw material), Rilsan® 11 is used in the automotive, petroleum, medical, food, and sports equipment industries. The co-products of its manufacture are used in the pharmaceutical, paint, perfume, and textile industries, among others.

In an effort to ensure the safety of all—both employees and residents—Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet plant has adopted an integrated management system that is certified OHSAS 18001. The operation of the facilities at the Marseille Saint-Menet plant, classified as Seveso high threshold, is subject to very strict regulations under the European directive on major industrial accident hazards.

Placing great importance on environmental protection, the Marseille Saint-Menet site has obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification. At the cutting edge of innovation, the plant has implemented a new wastewater treatment system.

The HSE expenses of Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet plant are a reflection of these societal concerns.

Community Involvement

As part of Common Ground®, Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet plant conducts awareness-raising actions for elected officials, residents, and school groups.

Included these actions:

  • The “Professeurs en Entreprise” (Teachers in Companies) operation
  • CIQ (comité d’intérêt des quartiers [neighborhood interest committee]) and CLIC (commission locale d’information et de communication [local information and communication commission]) meetings
  • Funding of the Pays d’Aix Football Club
  • Participation in the Marseille—Huveaune Valley employment forum
  • Presentation of the company to 130 job seekers as part of the POEC (préparation opérationnelle à l’emploi collective [operational preparation for collective employment]) event
  • Support provided to La Bessonnière ESAT (Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail [Work-Based Assistance Establishments and Services]) for the sale of organic vegetables during the European Disability Employment Week
  • Participation in the chemistry open house week “Portes ouvertes de la Chimie 2018”


Arkema’s Marseille Saint-Menet Unit in Key Figures (2022)

Number of employees



€ 15 M a year for for maintenance and security/environment


ISO 9001 – Quality management

ISO 14001: Environmental management
ISO 50001 – Energy management

OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety management