Websites and locations

The Oise Research Center (CRO) is the European research and development center for coating resins for the Arkema Coating Solution Platform.

Located on the INERIS site in Verneuil-en-Halatte, the CRO is historically attached to the French Coal Research Center. First specialized in coating resins, the CRO has gradually turned its attention to specialty acrylates and methacrylates for photocuring technology.

Activities of the CRO

The CRO teams are made up of 30 engineers and 60 technicians, who work on the development of coating resins, paints, inks, and additives. The applications of this research are present in everyday life and are positioned in markets that are constantly evolving.

Its research, focused on sustainable technologies, offers solutions that meet the major challenges of sustainable development (high-solid resins, aqueous phase technology, and photocurable resins).

The CRO also has a technical assistance mission. 

Community Involvement

In order to present the public with its activities and the chemical professions, the CRO organizes numerous communication actions aimed at its employees, residents, elected officials, and school groups.

Included activities:

  • Discovery days for CRO staff and their families to present the center’s activities
  • Open house days dedicated to the Chemical week
  • Collaboration with the University of Compiègne for hosting internships for graduating students
  • Sponsor of the Verneuil-en-Halatte Trail
  • Donation of computers for the reintegration of people into a professional environment
  • Welcoming students from Chimie ParisTech and ESPCI
  • Waste collection on the territory of the commune