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A subsidiary of the Arkema group, MLPC International has been operating in the Landes region for over 80 years. Today, it is a world leader in the production of vulcanizing agents intended mainly for the rubber processing market. With its factories in Rion-des-Landes and Lesgor, MLPC International is an important Chemistry sector player in the French department of Landes, and has one of the highest export sales rates, with 87% of its products intended for worldwide industries. 

Rion-des-Landes and Lesgor plants activities

MLPC International produces vulcanizing agents in its units (thioureas, guanidines, dithiocarbamates, thiuram, sulfur donors, powders placed on elastomeric support) used in various specialty markets:

  • Industrial rubber
  • Automobile
  • Tires
  • Latex

MLPC also develops fine chemistry products, synthetic intermediates (carbazides, isothiocyanates) with applications ranging from pharmacy, agrochemistry, additives for lubricants, or even glues and adhesives.

MLPC International’s sites are classified as SEVESO III (high threshold) and follow the ICPE regulations for Facilities Classified for Environmental Protection (Installation Classée pour la Protection de l’Environnement) against industrial risk. All units have recently been reviewed in terms of risk assessment as part of the PPRT technological risk prevention plan (plan de prévention des risques technologiques) process. Statistics and performance indicators allow for regular monitoring of sensitive points.

In addition, the Rion-des-Landes and Lesgor plants are certified in accordance with the Arkema AIMS framework.

Thanks to its research & development policy, MLPC International is expanding its chemistry and offering solutions adapted to the needs of its customers. The Landes company in particular offers alternatives to CMR issues (carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction agents), and is even developing non-nitrosating vulcanization systems.

Rion-des-Landes and Lesgor in key figures (2023)

Number of employees

163 permanent employees at the two sites (on 12/31/2023)

(* made during the year)

€2,290,000 in health/safety/environment
€1,090,000 for facility maintenance

Industrial safety

0 accident


Certifications held in 2023:

  • ISO 9001: Quality management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental management
  • ISO 45001: Health and Safety at work management

Community Involvement

MLPC International would like to be recognized as a responsible industrial company, operating with trust and transparency with regard to its local communities. As part of the Common Ground®

program, MLPC International is able to support various organizations in Rion-des-Landes, such as:

  • The departmental fire and rescue service
  • Sports clubs
  • Environmental associations