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Specialized in the design and development of acrylic polymers, sulfur derivatives, and adsorbent products, the Lacq Research Group is one of Arkema’s thirteen research centers in the world. It also works in the field of technical assistance.

GRL innovations Recognized

The GRL is an entity of the Lacq/Mourenx platform, founded in 1959. With nearly 30 patents filed each year, the GRL, which joined the Arkema Group in 2007, is a major player in chemical research. It received the Innovation Trophy in 2006, 2009, and 2010, as well as the prestigious Pierre Potier Prize in 2012.

Specialized in the development of matrices with nanometric dimensions, the GRL was naturally well positioned to develop—in partnership with CEA-Leti, a research laboratory with a global vocation for micro and nanotechnologies—solutions for optical nano-lithography on sillicium, pushing the limits of miniaturization of electronic components.

Activities of the GRL

The GRL’s 165 employees are spread over eleven business areas:

  • Specialty polymers/additives
  • Thiochemicals/fine organic chemistry
  • Carbon nanotube program
  • Fine mineral chemistry/adsorption
  • Analytical
  • Safety
  • Technical service
  • Purchasing-warehouse/management control
  • Staff
  • Quality documentation
  • HR-Communication

Sharing and transmission of knowledge are important missions of the GRL. They are embodied particularly in the partnership formed with the Chemstart’up platform, which brings together young innovative companies. The GRL puts its expertise at their disposal, thus supporting their development. The “Fête de la science” science festival each year provides another opportunity for Arkema to present itself and chemistry to the general public in a fun and educational way at locally organized events.
The innovative solutions created by the GRL are intended to support Arkema’s customers in their necessary adaptation to the challenges of tomorrow, in markets as varied as the automobile, aeronautics, construction, medical, and new energies markets.

One of the GRL teams’ most notable developments is the roof of the Twizy, Renault’s electric car.

The GRL is also home to the Arkema Group’s ecotoxicology laboratory. This is where we assess the environmental impact of products.

Safety remains one of Arkema’s top concerns, and it is one of the GRL’s priorities. A budget of 1 million euros is allocated to it each year, 50% of which is devoted to investment. Its safety approach is formally established through the implementation of a safety management reference system called AIMS (Arkema Integrated Management System).

Community Involvement

As part of Common Ground® program, the Arkema Lacq research center regularly conducts communications and awareness-raising operations for residents, elected officials, and school groups.

In the program:

  • Open door days and guided tours of the site
  • Welcoming students for a factory tour
  • Welcoming local manufacturers
  • Sponsorships and partnerships with local cultural and sports associations
  • Participation in the Féminine de Pau women’s race
  • Participation in the Professors in Business and Technicians & Engineers in Schools programs with the CGénial Foundation
  • Participation in the Fête de la Science science festival in Mourenx and Pau