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The laboratories of the Coatex Research and Development Center in Genay design next-generation additives mainly using acrylic chemistry for water formulations with very diverse applications, including mineral processing, cosmetics, construction, detergents, paper, and paint. The Coatex Research and Development Center has been operating in Genay, in the Rhône-Alpes region, since 1971.

Activities of the Coatex Research and Development Center

Resolutely focused on innovation, the Coatex Research and Development Center in Genay employs more than 60 people, including 20 engineers.

Water is part of the core business of Coatex, which produces:

  • Water processes
  • Water-soluble polymers
  • Additives for aqueous formulations

Thanks to strong partnerships with major players in the mineral industry, Coatex has also acquired solid expertise in mineral processing and downstream applications in water.

The leader in the field of rheology additives for aqueous-based formulations, Coatex focuses its research on sustainable technologies (without VOC, APEO, etc.) and new performances meeting or anticipating the needs of its customers. Due to its complex nature, this type of formulation requires multidisciplinary teams.

The development of the molecule is entrusted to specialists in organic synthesis and acrylic chemistry, then to process experts.

For Coatex Genay, proximity to its customers has resulted in the development of dedicated application laboratories equipped with reference technologies of its downstream markets. Specialists are thus able to formulate and test the performance of additives through their functional properties. Coatex Genay researchers work on paint formulations, concrete manufacturing, paper coating, and cosmetic formulations. This equipment and know-how are also available to Coatex Genay customers for the development of tailor-made solutions.