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Initially intended for the manufacture of fertilizers, the Feuchy production unit was set up in 1928. The Hauts-de-France plant began manufacturing fatty amines in 1950. This production saw considerable growth in 1984, spurring development of the site. Today, the Arkema Feuchy plant covers nearly 30 hectares and has a catalog of over 400 products.

Arkema Feuchy plant activity

50 licensed external employees work with the Arkema Feuchy plant each day. The unit’s production volume is very large, with approximately 50,000 metric tons of materials manufactured there each year.

Its production is largely geared towards the world market. In fact, 40% of its products are intended for the European market and 45% for the rest of the world.

A wide range of products leaves the Arkema Feuchy plant, as no less than 400 different materials are produced there. Most of the production is based on the use of fatty substances such as tallow, palm oil, or copra.

The 400 products in the Feuchy catalog are produced in 11 reactors. The factory has adopted by-batch manufacturing processes, used for batch manufacturing.

The site is equipped with a pilot workshop to ensure the development of new products. The Arkema group credits the development of UDETA, its revolutionary self-healing polymer, to the efforts and skill of this workshop.

Classified as a Seveso 3 high threshold, the plant complies with the European directive concerning major accident hazard control. At the forefront of safety and the environment, the Arkema Feuchy plant has OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, RSPO, and ISO 50001 certifications.

Community Involvement

Several communications and awareness-raising actions are carried out by the Arkema Feuchy plant as part of the Common Ground® program:

  • Participation in the CGénial Foundation’s Engineers and Technicians in the Classroom program
  • Tour of the factory by the pupils of the Verlaine middle school (7th grade)
  • Participation in the Chemistry Open Doors Week 2018


Feuchy in key figures (2021)

Number of employees

200 (including 50 employees of companies operating on the site)


ISO 9001: Quality management
ISO 14001: Environmental management
ISO 50001: Energy
OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety management
RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil): Use of palm oil derivatives
in accordance with sustainable development principle


Hygiene, Security and Environment: €1.5 million

Maintenance and development of facilities: €3 million