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In the laboratories of the Acrylic Research and Process Center, teams are developing major innovations in the field of chemistry and acrylic processes. This research has been feeding Arkema’s know-how for many years, along with process management.

Operating in Lorraine since 1958, the Acrylic Research and Process Center benefits from its privileged geographical position at the crossroads of European trade and significant synergies with one of Arkema’s main acrylic monomer production sites.

With new premises since 1992, it contributes to the Group’s innovation with:

  • The development of new molecules
  • The validation of their applications
  • The development of optimized manufacturing processes for these molecules
  • The improvement of the performance of existing production processes

In the area of Quality Assurance, it ensures the control of commercial product compliance with the specifications of Arkema customers.

Activities of Arkema’s Acrylic Research and Process Center

The laboratories and pilots of the Acrylic Research and Process Center employ around 75 people, including engineers and doctors, fully integrated into the life of the Carling/Saint-Avold platform and the networks of universities and engineering schools located in the region.

The research and process teams work on a daily basis for improvement of the operation of Arkema’s Acrylics units around the world, implementation of new technologies, development of new acrylic monomers, and development of new applications. They are also developing new manufacturing processes that will be used by Arkema in its acrylic units in Europe or North America.

The Acrylic Research and Process Center also has a team of analysts ensuring the quality control of the manufacturing flows and the environmental performance of the site, contributing its expertise for the special analyses generated by research activities.

An integral part of the Arkema plant in Carling-Saint-Avold, the Acrylic Research and Process Center also participates in the Group’s policy of openness and community involvement, called Common Ground®. As part of this program, the teams from the acrylic research and process center regularly take part in trade fairs and seminars and welcome visitors as part of site visits organized for students of schools in the region and local elected officials.

The engineers at the research center work on experimentation, verification and process improvement. When a problem arises, in France and in China, they intervene to find a solution. The objective remains to improve the carbon footprint of processes.