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Arkema actively invests in actions aimed at young audiences to help them better understand the world of chemistry—a science that provides concrete solutions to the energy and technological challenges of tomorrow—and to stimulate career interest by emphasizing the professional opportunities in this activity sector.


By illustrating chemistry’s contribution to daily life and by explaining its growing role in the economy of tomorrow to young people, we go beyond misconceptions and create or recreate interest in our professions. We also show that our sector offers professional opportunities, to both women and men!"

Cultural and scientific events: telling the story of chemistry

The "Mondial des Métiers" careers expo

For more than ten years, the Group has partnered with the Mondial des Métiers careers expo at the Eurexpo in Lyon.

Our ambassadors from Pierre-Bénite, Jarrie, and Genay introduce visitors to the many professions in chemistry. Open to everyone, the Mondial des Métiers also welcomes a large number of adults in professional retraining.

The "Fête de la science"

Every year, Arkema opens the doors of its sites as part of the la Fête de la science (Science Festival).

It is the perfect opportunity for the general public to familiarize themselves with the world of chemistry through guided tours of our plants and R&D centers, fun workshops, and presentations given by our employees.

The “Semaine de l’industrie

The Semaine de l’industrie (Industry Week) aims to promote the industry and enhance its appeal among young people.

The theme for the 2018 edition was “Connected industry.” Including conferences led by our experts, educational projects presented in schools, and molecular cooking workshops, Industry Week always has some nice surprises in store.

The “Village de la chimie

Arkema participates in the Village de la chimie (Chemistry Village), an event organized at the Parc Floral of Paris.

From sports shoes to mobile phone screens, and from game consoles to sunglasses, the young and old alike discover the omnipresence of chemistry in today’s world.

The “Olympiades nationales de la chimie

Since 1984, the Olympiades nationales de la chimie (National Chemistry Olympics) have sought to unite the educational world and the professional world of chemistry. This event takes the form of two competitions, one for students in their last year of the high school science track, and one for high school students in their second year in any study track.

In 2018, 50 high school students (out of 2,400 from across France) participated in the final competitions of the Olympics, focusing on the theme “Chemistry in the City.”

Sponsorships: opening up to the world of education

The Fondation CGénial

Arkema has teamed up with the Fondation CGénial (CGenial Foundation). The Group provides support to this association, which works to promote scientific culture in France.

The program has two components:

  • Professors in Business, which allows teachers to visit Arkema’s plants and R&D centers.
  • Technicians and Engineers in the Classroom, which invites volunteer employees to speak in schools located near the sites.

Professors in Business: Arkema welcomes the world of education [in French]

Finals of the CGenial competition: recognizing high school and middle school students [in French]

Because they are involved in guiding students, teachers appreciate having concrete information on the job opportunities offered by the chemical sector. Our employees are committed to passing on the passion for their profession."

The Fondation ENSIC

Arkema provides financial support to the Fondation ENSIC (École nationale supérieure des industries chimiques de Nancy [Chemical Engineering School in Nancy, France]).

Since this financial assistance was set up in October 2008, nearly one hundred engineering students with financial need have received a scholarship.

The Group also sponsors the École polytechnique (Polytechnic School), ENSIACET (École nationale supérieure des ingénieurs en arts chimiques et technologiques [Toulouse Graduate School of Chemical, Materials and Industrial Engineering]), and the ESPCI ParisTech (École supérieur de physique et de chimie industrielles de la Ville de Paris [Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Education Institution]).

Special relationships with our partner schools