Arkema group’s commitment to the responsible stewardship of its products

The Arkema group ensures that its products do not harm the health or safety of people and the environment. It carefully manages each step of the product life cycle in compliance with its commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility and regulatory requirements.

Responsible care global charter

Signatory to the Responsible Care® Global Charter of the International Council of Chemical Associations, the Arkema group is committed beyond its regulatory requirements. The Arkema group’s approach concerning responsible product stewardship involves the whole value chain: from the raw materials supplier to the customer.

Product stewardship policy

Arkema integrates health, safety and environmental protection into every product’s design and throughout its life-cycle.


The Group expresses its commitment to a responsible product stewardship in its Social Commitment Charter and its Hygiene, Safety, Environment and Quality Policy and by endorsing the International Council of Chemical Associations’ (ICCA) Responsible Care® initiative.


Concrete actions to reflect this commitment include:

  • actively contributing to advancing scientific knowledge to better take into account the hazards and risks relating to products and their use;
  • aim to reduce health, safety and environmental risks while designing products;
  • managing risks in existing product ranges that could lead to substitution actions, taking into account the entire value chain so that all aspects are considered, from raw materials to the product’s end of life, including waste treatment and the circular economy;
  • communication and clear information for product users.

The submission of the dossiers is managed by experts

Arkema’s dossiers are prepared by experts in regulatory affairs, toxicology and ecotoxicology, who work closely with the country subsidiaries and/or a network of local consultants. In order to speed up the submission of the files, they use the Group’s central database which contains all product characteristics.


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