An international, innovative, and responsible company

Today, our activities must make a positive contribution to the global society we live in, and in which future generations will live. Joining us, it's helping to design tomorrow's world.


Joining Arkema means...

... Designing the materials of tomorrow's world

3D printer

Mostly focused on sustainable development, the technological advances yielded by Arkema’s R&D make the Group one of most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world.

... Integrating an international leader in its markets

World no.1 to no.3 on 90% of the porfolio, Arkema aims to achieve a turnover which will be equally divided into three parts between Europe, North America, and Asia.

In France, the United States, or China, Arkema offers young PhD researchers the chance to write their thesis in a variety of fields, such as the chemistry of polymers, chemical engineering, or human sciences, thanks to partnerships with higher education institutions.

... Joining a Group attached to values and that is committed

In Arkema, we consider that to bring its employees together, the company should be a responsible and exemplary employer at all levels.


We wish to promote responsible practices and work on safety-optimized sites to achieve our goal of zero accidents.

Environmental footprint

With Elium® thermoplastic resins, wind turbine blades can be recycle

We have made commitments to limiting the emissions caused by our activities, reducing consumption, and developing the use of renewable resources.

Finally, in its strategic development and its everyday operational life, we are inspired by the following values and principles:






To stand together, in the decision-making process that commits the company, in the recognition of collective intrerests, in the position of the company in its environment, to be able to work together. In the way of behaving, communicating, posing problems and solving them, building tools/methods/structures. To act in order to improve something, in short, middle and long-term by anticipating the possible future results. To meet the demand of one's activities, in the management of one's role as a driver of change, in the consequences of one's actions as a principle of citizenship of the company.



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