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The sale of chemical products in some countries or regions in the world requires registration in master lists referred to as inventories. Some countries and regions have several inventories.

Due to its history and worldwide presence, the products of the Arkema group are registered in most of these inventories. However, each time that a new product is launched or that an existing product is sold in a new country, it is necessary to initiate a registration process.

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The eleven countries which have an inventory

  • Europe (REACH)
  • United States (TSCA)
  • Canada (DSL, DNSL)
  • Australia (AICS)
  • Japan (ENCS, ISHL)
  • Korea (KECI)
  • Philippines (PICCS)
  • China (IECSC)
  • New Zealand (NZIOC)
  • Taiwan
  • Turkey

Other inventories are currently being created (for example in Russia).


The registration formalities for a product not yet registered vary according to the country or region. In some cases, it is required to provide a very detailed dossier which includes the physico-chemical, toxicological and ecotoxicological characteristics of the product. Sometimes a risk assessment is also required. The registration process may take a few weeks or up to several years. Exemption procedures may apply depending on the nature of the product.

The submission of the dossiers is managed by experts

Arkema’s dossiers are prepared by experts in regulatory affairs, toxicology and ecotoxicology, who work closely with the country subsidiaries and/or a network of local consultants. In order to speed up the submission of the files, they use the Group’s central database which contains all product characteristics.

Some countries have also chosen to review their regulations to request the registration of substances already on the inventory on the same principle as Reach in Europe (South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan).
Arkema is strongly committed to these initiatives and is preparing for the upcoming deadlines.


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