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Education and youth

Arkema is working closely with the world of education and youth, for a better integration and an educationally support of children.

Encourage integration through sport and music

The Sport dans la Ville association

Arkema has become a partner of Sport dans la Ville, an association which aims to promote the social and professional integration of young people from disadvantaged districts through the introduction of sporting and cultural activities.

Arkema is particularly supportive of the "L dans la Ville" program dedicated to 1,000 girls.

En savoir plus sur le mécénat avec Sport dans la Ville

Develop the awareness of music

Member of the Cercle des Mécènes of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées as a benefactor member, Arkema supports the “young audience programming” of the theater, helping children to a better understanding the world of classical music in both a fun and an educational way.

More information about Arkema's support to the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées

Meeting the youngest

Fondation C.Génial

Arkema is committed to Fondation C.Génial. The Group brings its support to this association which raises the profile of science with high school students and endeavors to boost scientific literacy in France. Fondation C.Génial organizes flagship operations, in particular Professeurs en entreprises [Teachers in business and industry], Ingénieurs et techniciens dans les classes [Engineers and technicians in the classroom], Yes we code as well as the C.Génial Competition.

More information about the partnership with the Fondation CGénial

Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class

The Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class is an educational program launched in 2015. At two primary schools, sixty employee volunteers led fun chemistry activities, including the Noah's Ark made of PMMA and creative workshops, teaching students about current and future environmental challenges.

"The idea is to help foster civic awareness while stimulating the students' creativity through play", comments Daria Gong, External Communications Manager. Local plants also loaned their skills — in foreign languages and IT, for example — to the schools, which were chosen for a specific reason. "Many students have a parent employed at one of our plants. The children are proud to see their parents in the classroom", says Daria Gong. The program has been expanded to other Chinese schools in the following years.

Arkema ChemArt Green Innovation Class is a special CSR project demonstrating Arkema's innovative DNA. It aims to help young students broaden their horizons, acquire knowledge from different sources and boost their comprehensive development.

Close ties with educational institutions

Arkema maintains a close relationship with the best educational institutions in the world for its fields of activity.


  • Arkema participates in events organized by general and chemical engineering schools.
  • The Group provides financial backing to Fondation ENSIC (École nationale supérieure des industries chimiques de Nancy). Since this support initiative was set up in October 2008, near a hundred engineering undergraduates in financial difficulty have been able to access the courses provided by the school.


  • The Developing Engineer Program enables Arkema each year to recruit four to six engineering school students from the best American universities. These students take part in concrete training programs on industrial sites over a five year period.
  • The Science Teachers Program takes place on some sites of Arkema in the US. Elementary school and secondary school teachers are invited and trained to teach scientific topics and chemistry in a fun and captivating way!

Arkema education fund

The Arkema Education Fund was created in 2016 as part of the company’s tenth anniversary celebrations. The Fund finances non-profit programs submitted by employees who are actively involved in the projects. Applications from around the world are reviewed by an international selection committee, including representatives from Human Resources and Communications and Arkema’s ethics mediator.

Since the lauched of the fund, 32 projects were selected and granted money to support thousands of volunteers working worldwide in educational and teaching initiatives. Scholarships, school repairs and hands-on support for autistic students are but a few examples of the fund’s reach.

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