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Arkema worldwide

Arkema, a pioneer in ultra high performance thermoplastic materials for transportation

These materials fulfill specification requirements such as:

  • Temperature constraints: to be able to use thermoplastics in an extreme heat environment, Arkema has developed Rilsan® HT. This biosourced polyphthalamide (PPA) polyamide is flexible and can replace metal or rubber in several under-the-hood flexible pipe applications thanks to its resistance to high temperatures. An automotive part made of Rilsan® HT resin is up to six times lighter than a metal part.
  • Durability and sturdiness constraints for exacting markets: to replace metal in cutting-edge sectors such as civil and military aeronautics, Arkema has developed the Kepstan® PEKK product range (polyether ketone ketone). This polymer of the extreme, while also lighter, features the same properties as metal in terms of abrasion and impact resistance as well as non-combustibility.


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