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Tough and durable carbon nanotubes & copolymers

­­­On the strength of its expertise in nanotechnology and nanomaterials, Arkema offers various ranges of carbon nanotubes and acrylic block copolymers capable of imparting excellent properties to thermoplastics.

By modifying the molecular structure of certain polymers on a nanometric scale, it is possible to enhance their mechanical properties while maintaining their light weight. Arkema is renowned for its expertise in this field, unique in the world.

Over the last ten years, the Group has developed:

  • A range of carbon nanotubes (CNT), Graphistrength® that impart exceptional properties to both thermoplastics and thermosets in terms of mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.
  • A patented acrylic block copolymer technology, Nanostrength® that produces highly durable polymers weighing less than traditional polymers.

Carmakers and equipment manufacturers plan to develop a French carbon fiber sector

The "Carboprec - Renewable source nanostructured precursors for carbon fibers" project aims to develop new production methods for carbon fibers from renewable raw materials. Produced naturally by plants, lignin and cellulose are materials that offer some of the most promising solutions, and would be reinforced by carbon nanotubes.

This project has secured financial backing for the next four years as part of the 7th European research framework programme. It is coordinated by Arkema, with the Renault group as one of the participants.

Other Arkema's lightweight materials