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3D printing: Arkema's expertise

Thanks to its expertise in polyamide powders, acrylate resins and high performance polymers, Arkema grows from strength to strength in 3D printing.

The global 3D printing market (also known as additive manufacturing) reached $4.7 billion in 2015. The market is expected to grow by 20% per year until 2020. Professional and industrial applications account for 85% of the total market.

3D printing offers total freedom of design for complex parts and eliminates the need for molds, which are often time consuming and expensive to develop.

The resulting flexibility and time-saving also mean significant financial savings for design offices and industrial companies when it comes to producing prototypes and limited runs. 3D printing technology could totally revolutionize our methods of production and our consumer habits.

Chemical World Tour

As part of the 5th season of the Chemical World Tour, Léa, a student journalist, and Benoit, an engineering student, take us behind the scenes of 3D printing.

Arkema's materials for laser sintering

Arkema is developing high performance materials for the main 3D printing technologies currently being used by professionals

The Group produces two ranges of fine polyamide powders that offer excellent mechanical properties for Laser Sintering, a manufacturing technique that uses a laser beam to fuse together thermoplastic powders layer by layer:

  • Orgasol® Invent Smooth provides a smooth high quality finish, excellent detail and efficient recycling of leftover powder.
  • Rilsan® Invent Natural, is 100% sustainably biosourced and can be used to create parts with unmatched mechanical properties.

Arkema is also working to develop a range of specific grade of Kepstan® PEKK powders, -an advanced performance polymer- that can be used in laser sintering processes to make parts exhibiting extreme toughness.

Prototypes, limited runs and spare parts are increasingly being produced using Laser sintering techniques in the medical sector (dental implants, orthotic devices, and surgical guides) and in industry (aerospace, automotive, sports, and equipment). Smooth finish, complex and mechanically resilient components: laser sintering is opening the way to unlimited creativity!



Sartomer's innovative resins for 3D printing


In November 2016, Sartomer launched N3xtDimensionTM, a new range of photocure 3D printing materials that yields ultra-high-definition prototypes and parts with superior mechanical properties. N3xtDimensionTM materials may take 3D printing from prototyping to mass production. Welcome to the N3xtDimensionTM!

We're the only supplier that can respond effectively to a broad list of specifications for mechanical and thermal resistance, flexibility, transparency, color and durability.

Other Arkema's lightweight materials: