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Senior research scientist


Because senior research scientists are involved very much upstream of production, at the very heart of materials, they hold a key position in Arkema’s business.

Main missions

  • Help create new products or processes as part of large-scale projects.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams, in a research center with substantial resources and powerful tools.
  • Heed market expectations, understand financial issues, and provide technical support to operators in need of expertise.

Skills and abilities needed

  • Ability to apply cutting-edge theoretical knowledge (polymerization, catalysis, physical chemistry, rheology, etc.).
  • A solid grounding in economics, in order to assess the value creation potential of research in progress.
  • A passion for technological innovation, mental agility, and a capacity to synthesize information are additional professional qualities required for this position, together with the ability to work in a team and to network.

Proficiency in English is essential.


Education and experience

PhD in a field related to Arkema’s businesses.


Research scientist

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