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Lab technician


As part of a team with chemical engineers, lab technicians work with chemicals, study the composition of substances and perform assays, reactions and analyses using sophisticated equipment. Depending on their field of expertise or their assignment, they can work:

  • in research centers, where they help engineers design new products/processes, organize experiments and conduct trials;
  • in quality control labs, to check the quality of raw materials and finished products, and observe intermediate processing steps;
  • as specialists, to provide technical support to customers by conducting new experiments or overseeing technical audits.

Required skills

  • An understanding of research challenges.
  • Ability to quickly become familiar with how labs operate.
  • Sound technical knowledge of the field or specialties.
  • Technical proficiency in operating procedures, working with chemicals and using the relevant devices/instruments.

Thoroughness, accuracy, caution, a passion for experimentation and team spirit.

A good command of English is essential.


Education and experience

Senior chemical technician (post-secondary studies/undergraduate degree).


Research scientist

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