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Shift operator


Shift operators make and process products to customer specifications under optimal safety and quality assurance conditions. Shift production operators carry out basic manufacturing processes.

Main duties

  • Oversee the smooth production of volumes required to meet market demand, while monitoring the output and quality of the manufactured product.
  • Take responsibility for people, property and environmental safety, risk prevention, and compliance with health regulations.
  • As part of a team and under the supervision of the shift supervisor or lead operator, start, shut down and adjust equipment, and perform certain checks, etc. 
  • Specialized control panel operator tasks: monitor all operations using monitors and mimic panels.

Required skills

Field knowledge:

  • Learn the Group’s production methods and general plant operation.
  • Become proficient in a production line specialty.
  • Become proficient in procedures through in-house training.

Technical knowledge:

  • Good command of risk management and prevention.
  • Solid grasp of health and safety rules.

Education and experience

Production technician diploma (vocational high school diploma).

Career development

  • Head Operator
  • Assistant Shift Supervisor
  • Shift Supervisor 
  • Maintenance work
  • Laboratory work


The role of our Production professions is to manufacture our products under optimal safety and environmental conditions, while meeting our customers’ expectations.

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