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Technical operations assistant

Do you enjoy working with other departments to coordinate industrial production and optimize processes? Find out what a technical operations assistant does.


Technical operations assistants work in plants, liaising with production units, support services (process, pilot/lab, maintenance, engineering design, HSE) and units outside the plant (technical management).

They may have one or more technicians under their supervision.

They monitor and analyze units’ industrial performance, looking at production capacity, variable cost, reliability and quality.

Main duties

  • Constantly optimize processes to improve the unit’s productivity, reliability, quality and output.
  • Monitor and implement improvement plans accordingly.
  • Participate in or lead technical modification projects.
  • Prepare and monitor industrial testing (new equipment, new products or new packaging).
  • Constantly monitor quality and help to investigate complaints.
  • Update operating procedures, bills of materials and material balances.
  • Replace the unit supervisor in his/her absence.

Required skills

  • People skills
  • Ability to work in project mode
  • Self-reliance
  • Initiative and inquisitiveness

Education and experience

A general or specialized engineering degree (process engineering, chemical engineering or chemistry), or a higher technical diploma and significant manufacturing experience.

Career development


Technical operations assistant engineer

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The process teams work in our plants to assist the technical development of new products or new production capacities in the research and industrialization phases.

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