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Process engineer


Process engineers have a comprehensive overview of the processes developed in production units. They can work in production plants to assist with plant operation, in process development or in process engineering.

As support to plant operation, process engineers are required to:

  • Suggest all performance-enhancing modifications at the production units within their remit.
  • Work with the production engineer and team. Also serves as the contact person for research teams on matters related to processes and applications.

As regards development, process engineers are required to:

  • Conduct studies to improve processes in the medium term.
  • Conceive and design the equipment necessary for production operations.
  • Optimize and assess the cost of production equipment, keeping in mind financial constraints and safety imperatives.
  • Work with project team members.

In process engineering within the Technology department, process engineers are responsible for:

  • All or some of the process diagrams for new plants.
  • Providing the dimensioning of equipment.
  • Taking part in new plant startups.
  • Working closely with process engineers involved in operation and development support.

Skills and abilities needed

Process engineers are both generalists and specialists, with general knowledge of chemistry, physics (mechanics, electricity), applied mathematics, computer technology, and a master’s in process engineering.

Education and experience

Graduate from generalist engineering school or engineering school specializing in chemistry, chemical engineering, process engineering. 

Career development

Job opportunities

We recruit junior, experienced and expert people from wide-ranging backgrounds such as research and development, process, manufacture, finance, marketing and human resources.

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