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Jonathan, process engineer

What has been your career path?

I have a degree in chemical engineering and process engineering from the ENSIC school in Nancy. I spent the last year of my academic career in an engineering work-study program in Areva-SGN. Then I worked in manufacturing in Procter & Gamble. I joined Arkema four and a half years ago as a process engineer, working in the technical development, optimization, and security of processes department in the plant at La Chambre. 

What is your job about?

To sum up, the purpose of my job is to conduct the process studies that make it possible to develop, optimize, and secure the facilities at the plant. In our role, we provide technical support to production. We have to think about actions to improve the capacity and performance of the facilities, reduce the price and costs of production, and maximize safety for the people working there.

What skills does your job require?

I think you need a strong background in fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, and thermodynamics. You also need to be able to speak English and use office software. You need good interpersonal skills and to be able to work across departments, and to be part of team with different colleagues.

What is your typical working day like?

Personally, I start my day by finding out about the operation of the workshops. Then I get back to my files in progress. The day is made up of meetings and moving from place to place on the ground to check this or that item of data that matters to my studies. During the weeks when I'm on call, in the morning I take part in manufacturing meetings where I get all the information about the actual operation of the workshops. Lastly, during the trial or start-up phase, I spend my day between the field and the control room, assisting the different shift teams.

What do you like about your job?

What I like most is implementing the modifications that I put on paper. Those are the times when I learn the most! I find it very satisfying to successfully work with the production team to find a solution for the business.

What do you like about Arkema?

Given the size of the company and its sector of activity, I find that Arkema offers a lot of opportunities for career advancement.

Is there a particular memory from your job that stands out?

When we started up our gas-phase ammonia injection, in spite of all the mishaps that arose. That was very satisfying, both personally and for the group. This project, which spans several years, started long before I arrived and I took over the final design and execution, in partnership with our experts from the technical department. It's a memory that I cherish!

Do you have a motto in your work or life in general?

You have to gain experience from every situation, good or bad!


The process teams work in our plants to assist the technical development of new products or new production capacities in the research and industrialization phases.

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