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Christelle, production supervisor

A job like mine delivers a healthy dose of pep every day!

What has been your career path?

I am a production supervisor at the Lacq Mourenx plant. After going to an engineering school and getting my degree in process engineering, I was hired by Atofina in 2000 to work as a process engineer at the Carling plant. Later, at Serquigny, I held different jobs and assignments: process engineer, production engineer, site project manager (for the start-up of a new production line and to set up reliability units for the whole facility). Then, when I arrived at Lacq, I was a risk prevention safety engineer for three years before becoming a production supervisor at Mourenx.

What is your typical working day like?

"It's a race!" My objective is to ensure the right organization to provide my teams with the means to safely produce the quality and quantities requested by our customers, while ensuring compliance with the HSE regulatory requirements. So my day-to-day work consists of managing men and women: clearly defining their assignments, evaluating them, training them, fostering their development, listening to them...

What do you like about your job?

Time flies and I never get bored because each day is different. But what I like above all is the contact I have with people on the ground. Even though I have a technical job, it gives me the chance to communicate with people. Plus, of course, I have to make decisions all the time.

What are your qualities with respect to this job and what do you do well?

Listening, energy, and my ability to bring people together.

What are your career plans for afterwards?

I live from day to day, the way things are organized can change so quickly! For now, I am happy in my job and do not necessarily see myself elsewhere.

What do you like about Arkema?

I like that Arkema gives its employees the chance to work in different professions and develop throughout their career.

One of your qualities and one flaw?

Patience / lack of self-confidence.

Do you have a motto in your work or life in general?

I like working in a good mood, even though it may not feel like a party every day. What's more, I am an easy audience and very quick to laugh, which helps. Some people can be surprised by that and not take you seriously, but nonetheless I prefer to be myself. I am always careful to be very respectful in everything I do.


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