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Plant logistics manager

Are you an engineer or a technician? Are you familiar with chemicals markets and do you already have some experience of logistics? Find out what a plant logistics manager does.


Plant logistics managers ensure smooth inflows and outflows in compliance with commercial law and regulations on transportation (general and hazardous materials), subcontracting and packaging.

They must also ensure service quality, as Arkema’s last personal interface with customers within the supply chain.

Main duties

  • Represent the plant in relations with the logistics and procurement departments, the business unit, the sales network and local customs.
  • Plan production and oversee programs taking account of operational contingencies and commercial constraints.
  • Ensure the day-to-day operation of the department in accordance with safety, regulatory and customer satisfaction requirements.
  • Contribute to customer satisfaction by analyzing complaints and preparing corrective measures and action plans.
  • Take part in the appraisal of service providers (carriers, suppliers, etc.).

Required skills

  • Thrift, responsibility, thoroughness and reliability.
  • Good people skills, ability to lead and take decisions.
  • Ability to see the bigger picture and respond to contingencies.

Education and experience

Engineer or technician with good general technical knowledge and familiarity with chemicals markets.

Supply chain/logistics experience would be an asset.



Plant commercial / Logistics manager

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