Local associations – taking action in the field

The Arkema group is developing partnerships with local associations that share the same values regarding safety, environment, water management, education, equal opportunities, and disability.

Thanks to different partnerships, various actions are organized in the field.

Offering employees the possibility to donate to associations

With the “salary ROUNDING” scheme (in France initially), Arkema employees are able to donate the “euro cents” of their salary to an association.


These associations work in areas in which Arkema is already involved, such as water management, education, equal opportunities, and disability.

Partnership with Naturama: actions in favor of biodiversity

In conjunction with the environmental education association Naturama, an evaluation was made of the animal life and vegetation present on the site of Pierre-Bénite.

The restoration and extension of the reed bed was the first action stemming from the management plan which was implemented as a result of this diagnosis. The next step will be to convert some free space (which is available as a result of the destruction of closed industrial facilities) into flower-filled meadows.

View of the reed bed pond at sunset, surrounded by trees and the industrial site

These initiatives showed the neighboring communities how industrial activity and biodiversity can co-exist. They contribute to the conservation of ecological corridors (reserved passageways to allow animals to move from one natural habitat to another) in the so-called chemical valley, i.e. the area situated to the south of Lyon in which there is a high concentration of industrial chemical firms.

These initiatives are consistent with the actions conducted by the neighboring stakeholders, especially those actions which are a part of sustainable development program of the valley (Agenda 21).

As a result of a meeting held between the Arkema group and environmental associations, the Group now has a new outlook on the space both within and surrounding its industrial sites.

Initiatives at other facilities, which aim to better understand and to develop the biodiversity present on the sites, are currently underway.

Partnerships with local associations in order to preserve biodiversity

CECA, former subsidiary of Arkema, now integrated to the Group, has commissioned the Fédération de Protection de la Nature Ardèche (FRAPNA) to carry out an expert survey of the fauna and flora on the quarry of its Saint-Bauzile site. Such studies help redefine and adjust plant species, in line with FRAPNA recommendations, for the replanting of embankments and slopes in zones being remediated. The work in progress therefore helps redevelop the biodiversity of the land being restored.


Equally, when the authorisation to mine our quarry in Virargues (France) was renewed and extended on 26 July 2013, CECA concluded two agreements with two relevant regional bodies in order to implement measures to safeguard and boost the local ecosystem.

 The first convention, signed for a duration of 25 years with Union Régionale des Forêts d'Auvergne (URFA) and its "Mission Haies Auvergne", is designed to reinforce the functionality for the bird fauna of the local fields and woods on the land belonging to CECA.

The second convention, signed for a duration of 5 years, with the Syndicat Interdépartemental de Gestion de l'Alagnon et de ses affluents (SIGAL), aims to put in place a specific programme for the refurbishment, management and oversight of the most severely spoilt sections of the streams within the watershed of the river Alagnon in order to promote the development of protected species of freshwater crustaceans.


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