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Collaborative research

Engaged in an open innovation initiative, Arkema is involved in many scientific and industrial partnerships, and networks on 60 collaborative projects, 40% of which are European projects. As the cornerstone of the Group’s R&D, France holds a decisive place in this regard.

Open Innovation

To develop the technologies of the future and invent new products, Arkema innovates in direct contact with its ecosystem, in an open and connected manner. This collaborative and visionary policy is called Open Innovation.

Always on the look-out for scientific expertise, the Group’s researchers call upon the top skills of:

  • Colleges and universities,
  • Laboratories and public bodies,
  • Large industrial groups and SMEs as part of national or European research programs.


Arkema is currently involved in many public-private research projects in France, Europe-wide, and in the United States. Alongside these industrial and scientific partnerships, the Group has developed a local networking initiative in some regions of France, in particular through competitiveness clusters.

Synergies of competences with the world of academia

The Group fosters many wide-ranging collaborations with the world of academia, in France and internationally.


Collaboration between Arkema and the University of Yamagata began in 2008. Yamagata is one of Japan’s leading universities: it comprises six faculties and an international R&D centre specialising in organic electronics. As part of the Yamagata University internship program, Arkema welcomes students to its R&D centers in France and in Japan (Kyoto Technical Center).


The universities of Donghua and Zhejiang are particularly renowned in the field of polymer synthesis and physical chemistry. Set up as collaboration contracts, university partnerships add a further scientific dimension to the Group's R&D. These partnerships include a technical programme (followed up by a committee comprising researchers of Changshu R&D center and university personnel), a confidentiality clause, and an agreement on the publication, as the case may be, of part of the results.

South Korea

Arkema partner to Ludwik Leibler, European Inventor of the Year 2015

A member of the French Académie des Sciences, researcher with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and associate professor ESPCI ParisTech school of industrial physics and chemistry, Ludwik Leibler has been working with Arkema for more than 20 years on new materials development and applications. He is the inventor of vitrimer, a plastic that is heat-formable like glass and pliable like rubber at room temperatures. This revolutionary polymer won him the European Inventor Award 2015 in the “Research” category.

Our Europe-wide industrial partnerships


Started in March 2015, COSMOS aims to reduce the dependence of Europe’s oleochemical industry on imported plant oils by turning camelina and crambe into profitable, sustainable, multipurpose, non-GMO European oil crops.

Read the press release

  • Carena

The medium- and long-term objectives of the Carena projects are the creation of new, less reactive raw materials, in order to replace oil in the chemical industry, and a reduction of the environmental impact of the activities of the chemical industry.


  • Consens

Launched in February 2015, european consortium Consens involves sustainable and flexible production of high quality chemical products.

> Read the press release

Our public-private collaborative R&D projects

Arkema also consolidates its application expertise through industrial partnerships. The Group is involved in some fifty public-private collaborative R&D projects.


Twelve of these projects are led alongside:

Lumière incandescente

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