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Innovative Chemistry

In an ever changing world, manufacturers constantly have to adapt their offer to the constraints of their markets. Accordingly, the Group’s R&D plays a central role in helping customers improve their own performance. Mostly focused on sustainable development, the technological advances yielded by Arkema’s R&D make the Group one of most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world.

A driver of pioneering technologies


For the Group, innovation "runs through its veins" and is a source of growth, but also a driver of progress and performance for its customers.


The Arkema Group today stands among the most innovative chemicals manufacturers in the world. The R&D teams boast experts who carefully watch market trends, and relentlessly work at putting in place pioneering and sustainable solutions.


Innovation is also one of the main cornerstones of the Group’s corporate societal and environmental responsibility initiative. Its products have indeed gained recognition on several occasions from bodies rewarding innovation in the field of sustainable development.

Arkema group R&D key figures

Solutions for a sustainable world

The world's population is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050 and will increasingly live in an urban environment. Meeting the exponential needs for energy, drinking water, and even electronics is becoming an unprecedented challenge on a global scale.


Largely dedicated to sustainable development, the Group’s research efforts are focused on meeting the major global challenges. Faced with the depletion of fossil resources, Arkema is developing solutions which are contributing to the development of new energies, products made from renewable raw materials and lightweight materials which save energy.

Faced with a rising world population and increasing difficulties of access to drinking water, the Arkema group is working on new water treatment solutions. Finally, with organic electronics, the Group is opening the post-silicon era in the field of microelectronics.

Reduce dependency on fossil energies

Biosourced polymers account for 50% of the specialty polyamides business of the Arkema Group, and mobilize 70% of this entity’s R&D efforts.

Assist customers with serving ever-changing markets

Research work is conducted in close cooperation with customers. These exchanges enable R&D teams to better fulfil customers’ needs by bringing them technological solutions to improve the performance of their products. With its "tailor-made" innovations, Arkema helps them achieve new growth opportunities.

Pebax® Rnew is a thermoplastic elastomer manufactured from renewable raw materials

Pebax® Rnew revolutionises ski boots

An Arkema innovation, Pebax® Rnew is a thermoplastic elastomer manufactured from renewable raw materials.

Very lightweight, high performance and tough, in particular at low temperature, this grade was initially developed to fulfil the requirements of ski boot manufacturer Scarpa. It is now very much in demand by many brands for the manufacture of ski boots and high-tech trainers.


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