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Home efficiency and insulation

Smart House by Arkema

Arkema focuses its R&D on materials and solutions for sustainable construction. To anticipate changing trends in construction technologies and methods, the Group has set up a 6th innovation platform, in partnership with major players in the sector.

The acquisition of Bostik in 2015 has enhanced Arkema's portfolio of materials for construction and the comfort of our homes. The Group now offers product ranges that contribute to thermal and sound insulation, such as grouting and sealants, glues, bonding agents, and non-polluting mortars.


All Arkema and Bostik products used in construction may be found in the Smart House by Arkema including its showroom.

Smart House, home-laboratory

Smart House by Arkema

Under the aegis of Bostik, a number of Group entities have joined forces with external partners to pool their know-how and expertise in order to come up with a long-term and innovative concept for a sustainable home.


The Smart House was born of this joint reflection. Tis futuristic "housing lab" is a daily life simulator and a true-to-life testing ground for tomorrow’s materials and equipment.


It gives Arkema a tool for designing net-zero-energy, green, comfortable homes that are healthy for the people who live in them.

A 160 square-meter R&D to support sustainable building

The Smart House has been designed as an "ecosystem" capable of reproducing in a connected mode (using home automation and various automated equipment) the various interactions within a real home.

These interactions will be measured by a full network of sensors.


The data collected will be utilized in order to optimize:

  • Environmental footprint
  • Energy efficiency
  • Living comfort
  • Impact of housing on human health

A world first

The Smart House is the world's first home to boast four international sustainable building certifications: LEED® and BREEAM® green building and Passivhaus® and Bepos® Effinergie energy-efficiency certifications. It provides Arkema and its partners from industry and universities a state-of-the-art laboratory to conduct their research, foreshadowing housing in 2030.

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    Smart House by Arkema kitchen
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    Smart House by Arkema living room
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    Smart House by Arkema bathroom

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