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Innovation awards

In the forefront of research, the Arkema group is a regular recipient of prizes for its innovations, in France and abroad.

2016 Top 100 Global Innovators

Top 100 Global Innovators

Arkema demonstrates the performance of its R&D by joining the top 100 global innovators for the sixth consecutive year.


The 2016 Top 100 Global Innovators ranking realized by Clarivate Analytics (ex-Thomson Reuters) identifies the most innovation-active companies and research structures.

"Technology showcase" label

On its Pierre-Bénite site near Lyon, France, Arkema was awarded the "Technology showcase" label by the Alliance Industry of the Future for a project involving the setting-up of a recyclable thermoplastic composites scheme.

JEC Europe Innovation Award

Jec Europe Innovation Awards 2013

Launched in 2013, Elium® is the first thermoplastic resin which allows the manufacturing of composite parts on the same equipments and processes as thermoset composites.


The resulting composite parts exhibit mechanical properties similar to those of thermoset parts, but their thermoplastic nature brings the added advantages of thermoformability and recyclability.


With this major innovation, Arkema and its partners won 2013 JEC Award in the Thermoplastics category.

European Coating Show

Arkema received the award of best scientific paper at the European Coatings Award 2013. The winning presentation A New Way to Ensure Metal Protection with Waterborne Dispersions was written by Dr. Grégory Delmas of Arkema Coating Resins France, Isabelle Bétremieux, Alain Boone and Claire Chambat.


Arkema has developed an innovative dispersion, Encor® 2433, for waterborne coating formulations that can be applied directly on metals without the need for a primer. This new type of "mono-layer" coating ensures perfect adhesion on a wide range of substrates, outstanding chemical stability and corrosion resistance, and a flawless finish. Additional benefits include much lower costs as the coating no longer requires an anti-corrosion pigment, and the application of a single layer cuts down the application time.

Other major advances awarded

Arkema has also earned recognition for innovations that pave the way to significant advances in two additional fields:

  • in nanotechnologies, with the 2007 Nano 50™ award for controlled radical polymerization technology based on the BlocBuilder® regulator,
  • in bio-based materials, with BioAward 2006 in the "Best Application excluding packaging" category for the bioplastic Rilsan® PA11, compatible with bio-diesel motor fuels.

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