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Arkema daily

Day in day out we are quite unaware of how ubiquitous chemistry and chemicals are. Invisible yet indispensable, Arkema’s smart materials indeed play a role in our daily lives. These "designed by Arkema" innovations make our lives safer and more comfortable, while helping protect our environment.

There’s a little of Arkema in every home…

Brighter and thriftier colors

A pigment with a strong hiding power for paint, titanium dioxide (TiO2) is becoming increasingly scarce and expensive. Two Arkema innovations (Celocor™ polymers and Coatex’s Bumper Technology™) help paint manufacturers use less TiO2 with no loss in covering performance.

Sterilization to suit every kind of package

With their screw caps, PET plastic bottles are increasingly popular (for soup, milk, fruit juice..). To sterilize them, Arkema has developed an ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide grade which is sprayed as microdroplets inside each bottle just before filling.

Smart, insulating window glass

Low-emissivity Certincoat® flat-glass coatings make windows smarter and improve building insulation. They let the sunlight in and keep heat from getting out. The end result: heating savings of 30%.

Keeping moisture out

Placed inside a perforated aluminum frame, CECA’s Siliporite® molecular sieves adsorb moisture and so prevent condensation in double-pane windows, thereby protecting the window’s properties for years.

A coating that insulates

An Arkema subsidiary, Bostik has developed the first insulating leveling compound that reduces heat loss by 15%. It does just as good a job prepping walls for painting as conventional coatings. It’s a two-in-one, saving time and ultimately cutting energy costs.

Keeping you safe from processionary caterpillars!

To fight processionary caterpillars which attack pine forests, the use of pheromones is an effective method that is also eco-friendly. Coatex, an Arkema subsidiary, has devised a micro-encapsulation technique that allows the controlled release of these pheromones applied via paint ball.

Innovations that take you places!

Nicely coated blades

To avoid exposing their personnel to hazardous fumes, makers of wind turbine blades are turning to acrylic coatings from Sartomer, an Arkema subsidiary. This new protective technology entails a fast process that is greener than green (no solvent and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) involved).

Going the distance

Electric and hybrid vehicles owe some of their autonomy to Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). It is used in their batteries to bind the active particles to the electrodes that produce the current. This polymer improves the battery’s performance and increases its service life.

Automotive air conditioning goes 4G

The air conditioning of the future is here now! Arkema has developed a process to produce a new, so-called fourth-generation, car air conditioning refrigerant fluid, 1234yf. Highly energy-efficient, it emits 10 times less greenhouse gas than the fluids found in today’s vehicles.

Ousting steel

Rilsan® HT is a technical plastic that replaces metal and rubber in many automotive engine parts. Six times lighter than steel, it therefore helps boost fuel efficiency. This “green” plastic contains up to 70% renewably sourced carbon.

A purer fuel, service Included

Arkema also provides technical assistance. Our Carelflex® teams around the world help oil companies cut down the sulfur content in their fuels. Arkema’s technicians step in directly in refineries to remove the sulfur from the fuels.

Windshields switch to "acrylic glass"

Altuglas® ShieldUp now enjoys a solid fan base among manufacturers of roofs and windshields for cars and motorcycles. Flawlessly transparent, superbly tough, half as heavy as glass, this material helps make vehicles lighter and therefore more fuel-efficient.

More powerful, safer and durable batteries

One third of the lithium-ion batteries in laptops, cell phones, tablets and smartphones contain Kynar® PVDF. Used to assemble their electrodes, this material extends the life and improves the performance of batteries.


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