Improving the quality of work life

For several years now, Arkema has led an active policy to prevent stress and psychosocial risks in the broader sense, with the ambition of focusing on the quality of work life.

In Arkema, our occupational health policy is centered on three main areas:


  • Wellness development
    Awareness programs and training courses have been set up in relation to health and wellness in the workplace (sleep, diet, psychosocial risks, etc.)


  • Risk prevention at the workstation
    We are working on ergonomic aspects in the design of new facilities and adapting existing working environments. We are also developing tools to measure and analyze health risks at the workstation. (To be developed for France)


  • Prevention of addiction and psychosocial risks
    Led mainly by occupational health doctors, we undertake awareness and information initiatives.

In 2008 the "Neither drugs, nor alcohol" initiative was thus launched across the entire Group.


A pioneer in this field, seven years ago the Group created a Centralized Stress Observatory, which is responsible for identifying "risk situations" at the company's locations in France.


Each year, an event called "Digital Etiquette Week" recalls the rules of a balanced approach to staying (dis)connected, in a way that is both humorous and informative.


In the United States, the company organizes sessions on obesity, smoking, physical exercise, and healthy eating for its employees.


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Digital Etiquette

Promoting operational excellence from the field

Who better than a plant's employees to identify the strengths and weaknesses in its organization?


Based on this principle, Arkema has undertaken an operational excellence program to gather ideas and avenues for optimization from those in the field.

Site layout, safety, ergonomics, working conditions; all these are areas in which everyone can make a contribution based on their detailed knowledge of their activity and their profession.


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