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4 questions for Michel Delaborde, Executive VP, Human Resources, Arkema

How would you define Arkema's Human Resources undertakings and commitments?

Michel Delaborde > Arkema's human resources policy is based on personal development actions, as well as actions focused on collective working conditions.


The purpose of personal development is to reinforce the skills and expertise of our employees and, in so doing, those of the company.


The actions focused on collective working conditions are part of an approach aimed at continuous improvement.


These include all of our actions to improve the working environment and prevention of risks to the health of our employees.

For you, what is the word or expression that best characterizes Arkema's Human Resources policy?

Michel Delaborde > The "spirit of openness" is an expression that can be said to embody our way of thinking about and managing our human resources. It is by remaining open to new needs and different practices or ideas that disrupt certain habits that our Group may achieve even better performance results. It is also a precious source of personal enrichment for each employee.


That spirit of openness shines through in all our HR undertakings:

  • recruitment: we value the diversity of profiles and experience among our employees, and we do not discriminate; 
  • training: this often provides the opportunity for exchanges with people from other sectors of activity, whether from within the Group or outside companies;
  • career management: Arkema places a high value on the principle of breaking down the barriers between our different professions and sharing experience, particularly through mobility;
  • social dialog: because we cannot maintain a dialog with the social partners without being open to their expectations, their questions.

How is the diversity of cultures and sites integrated into the Group's HR policy?

Michel Delaborde > First of all, by associating each site with our HR projects. The Human Resources Directorate also works hand-in-hand with the HR teams from each country where Arkema has a presence.


Beyond identifying the specific characteristics of each site, this participatory component also lets us identify best practices, with a view to sharing them at the Group level. Taking specific local characteristics into account in our HR policy is part of an approach aimed at continuous improvement for all our employees. That means first building a shared “HR base” to serve as the solid foundation to support our actions. 


The documents and methodologies that are applied in all of the countries are part of that common base. For example, that is the case with the Hay method, which offers a way to grade and classify jobs. Those principles are then rolled out and possibly adapted to suit specific local needs.

Do you think that the HR function is the responsibility of the HR teams alone?

Michel Delaborde > No. Managers also play an essential role in this subject. With the support of our teams, they ensure the that very important HR undertakings get implemented: recruiting employees, building on their skills with training, compensating them, identifying their areas of expertise, their paths to improvement and their aspirations during annual review interviews, fostering their development, etc.

Just like the HR teams, the managers perform all these undertakings by showing a sincere and permanent spirit of openness.


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