Made-to-measure career management

Arkema encourages employees' mobility throughout their career.

Arkema leads an active policy of internal promotion in all its professions and at all hierarchical levels. It is important to us to foster the development of our employees in expertise vocations, just as in management roles.


Mobility can be professional (changing role, profession, moving to a position of higher responsibility) or geographic (moving to a new location, region, or country). In both cases, the employee's mobility is assisted by a career manager.

Depending on the opportunities available in the Group, potential moves to new positions are examined over the course of each career path, on the basis of aspirations and aptitudes


Enhancing the value of our expertise vocations, as well as those of management, is one of the cornerstones of our HR policy. That is why we have developed specific talent management principles for the Group's experts.

In light of our growth in Asia, we created the role of Talent Manager in 2015, on the model of what has already been in place in the United States and Europe for several years. The idea is to grow the talent in each country where we operate by offering positions of responsibility, locally as well as internationally.

You are moving to a new job: what kind of special assistance can you expect?

If necessary, either your direct manager or your career manager will propose training sessions to help you develop the skills you need to succeed in your new position.

If you have moved to a new location, the HR manager of the new site will attend to your reception and review your progress with you six months following your arrival.
Raise this subject with your HR manager and/or your direct manager.


Fostering employees' growth means sharing development goals with them, based on their professional interests, but also according to their areas for improvement where action plans can be formulated.

Mobility between business units, subsidiaries, and new entities like Bostik, international assignments, project start-ups, the opening of new plants: opportunities for advancement are there for all the Group's talented employees.

For this, in 2015 the Human Resources department devised a development tool based on the principles of self-assessment and regular interviews. This helps to formalize development plans based on training initiatives or career steps, in order to enhance and add to the employee's skills.

"Carrefour 35": a career review at 35!

The "Carrefour 35" program is aimed at preparing the next phase of your career and helping you to envisage the mid-term future of your career path.
The program comes at a time when, presumably, you find yourself choosing in which direction to take your career: moving into management or developing a field of expertise, working abroad, or even changing your profession. And so, in the meeting, all the professions and vocations in the company will be presented to you, and the options available within Arkema will be explained to you.


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