An attractive compensation package

Arkema offers a compensation package that is higher than the average for businesses in our sector. 

Employee compensation is a recognition of personal investment, in line with the responsibilities undertaken in the employee's position and the company's results. It is broken down into four parts:

Fixed compensation

This rewards the employee's skills, level of responsibility, and seniority in the company. It is calculated in accordance with the principle of non-discrimination, particularly on the basis of gender. For greater transparency, fixed compensation is set according to a coefficient and/or employment level.

Variable compensation

This rewards:
- Personal or group performance
- Demands linked to work organization or working patterns (shift premiums, on-call duty, etc.)



Deferred compensation

This rewards the collective performance of the Arkema Group.
It includes salary savings schemes, top-up contributions (group savings plan (PEG) and collective pension savings plan (PERCO)) and employee shareholding.



Social protection and benefits

Health insurance coverage, as well as contingency and pension funds, are offered on top of social security protection, in addition to employment benefits negotiated with our social partners to provide all our employees with more comfortable living conditions.

Employee shareholding

Every two years since 2008, Arkema has carried out a capital increase reserved for employees in around twenty countries, allowing more than 95% of employees worldwide to buy shares in Arkema under preferential conditions.


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