Technical operations assistant


Technical operations assistants work in plants, liaising across departments with production, various support services (process, pilot/laboratory, maintenance, engineering design and HSE), and units outside the plant (engineering/technology department).

They may be responsible for supervising one or more technicians.

They monitor and analyze the plants’ industrial performance, looking at production capacity, variable cost, reliability and quality.

Main duties

  • Introduce day-to-day optimization to enhance the productivity, reliability, quality and output of the unit.
  • Monitor and implement corresponding improvement plans.
  • Participate in or conduct technical modification projects.
  • Prepare and monitor industrial trials (new equipment, new products or new packaging).
  • Monitor quality on a daily basis, and be involved in investigating complaints.
  • Update operating procedures, master records, and materials input balance.
  • Take the place of the plant supervisor in his/her absence.

Skills and abilities needed

Interpersonal skills, ability to work on a project basis, self-starter, initiative, and an inquiring mind.

Education and experience

Graduate of a general engineering school or a school specializing in process engineering, chemical engineering or chemistry, or holder of an advanced technician diploma with significant experience in manufacture.

Career development


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