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Arkema's materiality assessment

Process & Methodology

This materiality assessment was conducted in two phases:

  • A preparatory phase, when the mapping of Arkema’s internal and external stakeholders was drawn up, as well as the list of the most relevant CSR topics (namely how important they are for both Arkema and its stakeholders), divided in 14 historical issues and 14 rising issues.
  • A consultation phase, when every stakeholder involved has, for each issue, estimated the Group’s maturity or ranked their importance. This consultation has been carried out in Arkema’s 3 main regions (Europe, Asia, Americas) through interviews and an online survey.

Why this assessment ?

A materiality assessment is both an opportunity for constructive dialogue with the stakeholders (Arkema collects their expectations) and a tool for guiding the CSR strategy (priorities and follow-up indicators are defined based on this consultation).

Building on this materiality assessment, Arkema intends to:

  • Enhance dialogue with its stakeholders and involve them in the Group’s global CSR initiative.
  • Validate the relevance of CSR actions already underway.

Facts & figures


  • Stakeholders consulted in 7 countries
  • More than 2,400 external stakeholders consulted
  • More than 6,000 employees consulted
  • More than 2,200 answers were analysed


Arkema’s stakeholders evaluated the Group’s maturity on its 14 historical issues into two levels.


The stakeholders have estimated the importance of the 14 rising issues.:



Based on the results of this stakeholder consultation, the Group was able to update its priority issues and decide how to take them into account :

These priority issues, at the heart of Arkema’s CSR policy,  are key aspects for sustainable and responsible growth. Their monitoring and development will continue to be part of a very open dialogue with stakeholders.

Download the full materiality assessment document (pdf)

With this materiality assessment, we know where to focus our efforts, while making sure Arkema’s overall CSR policy is coherent."