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Health and the working environment – a continual improvement process

Protecting the health of its employees is a major commitment by the Arkema group. Initiatives taken over the last few years include health protection at the workstation and the prevention of stress and drug/alcohol use.

Risk prevention at the workstation

In its aim for continuous improvement, the Arkema group is striving to increase the comfort of the workstation. More importance is being given to ergonomics in the design of new facilities and in the adapting of existing work environments.

The Group has also developed and deployed tools to measure and analyze health risks at the workstation:

Daliha (software application) for monitoring individual exposure to hazardous substances,

MRT, a risk and task management application that exhaustively analyzes workplace risks and manages improvement actions.

These tools are now deployed in Europe and the United States.

A safety policy focused on three areas

The Safety Policy of the Arkema group is based on three areas: technical, organizational and human.
The latter area aims to transform employee behavior and to instill a real safety culture at an individual level. It is implemented in the form of a global program called Safety in action.

Prevention of psychosocial risks

This involves risks related to harassment, stress and workplace violence. About stress prevention, two types of programs have been undertaken to prevent these risks:

  • individual preventive action, which is taken during workplace medical examinations,
  • collective preventive action, which was initiated in 2009 to take action related to the working environment when it is deemed to present an unacceptable risk.

In France – a stress observation task force since 2010

At Arkema France this policy led to an agreement with the personnel representatives to implement preventive actions (training, communication, etc.) as well as a detection and analysis process for high-risk work environments.
A task force dedicated to stress prevention is established since 2010. It is composed of different skilled personnel representatives (HR, HSE, company works doctor) and of agreement signatory employees representatives. Its role is to monitor implemented actions and assess the results.


Prevention of addiction risks

An initiative known as “No drugs, No alcohol” was launched in 2008 at a company-wide level. It is handled primarily by workplace physicians and includes awareness-building and information sessions.

Well-being development

Information and awareness building programs about health and well-being were initiated in several countries:

  • In the USA, Arkema Inc. organizes programs for its employees on obesity, tobacco addiction physical exercise and also healthy diets.
  • In France, the Group organizes a training program called “Sleeping, Eating, Working” for members of occupational health departments.

Social protection
Regarding social protection, salaried employees are entitled to benefits in line with the practices of the countries in which the Group operates.