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At Arkema, talent management is based on the principles of workplace equality and non-discrimination.

To this end, our global human resources policy places a key focus on the development of skills, the promotion of diversity, and employee engagement and well-being.

We foster the individual and collective development of all our employees:

  • Individual : Growing in a multicultural environment, we support tomorrow’s expertise development and  meet employees’ goals in training and individual development, and enhance employee well-being at work.
  • Collective: We believe in developing open dialogue with employees to continuously improve the quality and safety of the work environment, and the relationship employees have with their job, along with work atmosphere and organization

Promoting diversity

Diversity, equal opportunity and equal treatment are central to Arkema’s policy.  

As part of our policy of non-discrimination, workplace equality and diversity, we commit to applying a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of discrimination, and to hiring people solely on the basis of its needs and each applicant’s personal qualities. 

Workplace equality is one of the major priorities of the Group’s human resources policy, along with the prevention of discrimination. We ensure: 

  • gender equality in the workplace,  
  • facilitate the integration of employees with a disability and  
  • prevent discrimination on the basis of age, nationality or mandate as employee representative.

We attach great importance to respecting diversity within our teams, because we are convinced that it a source of innovation and performance.

Key objectives by 2030:

  • 30 % of senior management and executive positions to be held by women
  • 50 % of senior management and executive positions to be held by non-French nationals

Employees commitment

In 2021, a survey of all our employees around the world shows their strong engagement in the Arkema Group.


The relations with stakeholders