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They are French, Brazilian, Argentinian; passionate about science, rugby, football, nature, acrobatics. 

Based in France, Anne, Nessim, Stéfania, Santiago, Ludivine, Thomas and Pierre share their enthusiasm on diverse projects, from 3D-simulation of materials behavior, to bio-based textiles, recyclable composites, or the development of new materials for hydrogen tanks.

Pierre Escalé is an engineer in the research and development department at the Lacq research center in France.

He works on the development and testing of solutions to recycle a new generation of composite materials.

Anne is a Research and Development Application Engineer. Attracted to science and the understanding of natural phenomena from an early age, Anne continues to explore new processes and materials within our Group.

Her mission? To accompany and anticipate the needs of customers in the use of fluorinated products, such as expanding foams used in building insulation, roofing or in household appliances.

Thomas Prenveille is a R&D engineer in polymer science at the Cerdato in Normandy. He talks about the competitive vision of research and the importance of team spirit within the Group in order to be in a collective intelligence approach.

His research on the optimization of polymers has led him to work, for example, in the automotive sector for the development of lighter and more resistant hydrogen tanks. An important work when we see the energy savings linked to the lightening of parts in cars.

Coming from Brazil more than 14 years ago, Stefânia Cassiano Gaspar is a research engineer at Cerdato.

Her mission? Developing innovating solutions for a diversified range of applications: optics, electronics, medicine, sport or automotive industry in collaboration with people all around the world.

Recently, she also provides technical support to the textile applications of our bio-sourced polyamide Rilsan®!

Nessim Ghamri is head of the modelling, simulation and digital department at the research center near Lyon. His role is to use modelling tools and data science to support the Group's various projects.
It is a cross-functional role to offer his computing power to research and development projects, to study their feasibility and viability. This is an important mission that can save months of development time.
Ludivine Bouvier is a R&D engineer in the Adsorption Department at Lacq’s research facility. Her role is to develop and optimize the range of molecular sieves for the separation of oil fractions and to assist in the industrialization of these new products in a highly competitive market.
This mission, which requires coolness, precision, hindsight and analysis of every parameter, is in line with her passion for aeronautics, which she has practiced for several years.

Santiago Carreras is a development and technical support engineer at the research center in Normandy. Having three kids, Santiago is driven by the desire to do his part to leave a better world for the next generations.

His job is to develop highly resistant and durable coatings for metal to meet the needs of various markets, such as water treatment, transport and renewable energy.