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IT project manager

Do you have strong IT skills and are you good at managing projects? Do you know how to manage a team? Find out what an IT project manager does.


IT project managers oversee projects while ensuring compliance with the quality, cost and lead-time requirements set out in the specifications.

They are involved at every stage of their project:

  • Oversight
  • Execution
  • Support


Main duties

  • Draw up the quality plan (committees, working groups, documentation to deliver, etc.), budget and timetable.
  • Make sure the IT decisions are consistent with the quality standards and the guidelines for computer applications.
  • Define the specifications with the project owner.
  • Lead the project team.
  • Oversee execution of the project and implementation of the IT infrastructure on budget and on time.
  • Organize and execute the project roll-out.
  • Assist the project owner in leading change.
  • Help to promote the project and explain the challenges involved in liaison with the project owner.

Required skills

  • People skills (communicating, putting forward ideas and solutions, negotiating).
  • Ability to manage teams, run meetings and coordinate.
  • Ability to organize and oversee, prioritize and anticipate.
  • Understanding of business processes and technical solutions.

IT project managers should also have good command of English and be able to work in an international and multicultural environment.

Education and experience

General engineering or computer science degree.

Information Systems - Telecom

The role of the IS-Telecom department is to manage and ensure the proper functioning of the company's IT and telecom equipment.

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