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Development / Application engineer

Development/application engineers act as the interface between research, production and the market in order to optimize Arkema’s products. Find out everything about this position.


Development/application engineers make sure that Arkema’s solutions and products meet customers’ expectations and respond to market trends.

They act as the interface between research, production and the market to ensure products are tailored as closely as possible to customer needs and can be manufactured.

Main duties

Development/application engineers have a proactive role in providing technical advice to customers on several levels:

  • They identify their new needs and new markets.
  • They understand and incorporate customers’ challenges.
  • They develop customized technical solutions.
  • They help to implement the chosen solution.

Required skills

  • Ability to incorporate customer needs and anticipate market changes as part of a forward-looking approach.
  • Solid knowledge of chemicals and/or materials, and ability to continually upgrade this knowledge.
  • A passion for research and technical innovation, creativity and practicality, attentiveness and a sense of customer service.
  • A good command of English is essential.

Education and experience

Engineering school, undergraduate or postgraduate engineering degree.

Career development

Possible move towards managerial or business positions.


Development engineer

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